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Taking your cat to the vet doesn't have to be stressful! Our hospital is designed with your cat's comfort in mind to help them feel more at home. Some of the things you'll notice is the homey feel of our clinic, the lack of dog smells and sounds that can be stressful to your cat, the gentle and considerate handling of your cat during procedures, and the undivided attention you'll receive from one of our doctors.

The mission of A Cat's View Veterinary Hospital is to provide high quality and compassionate medical and surgical care in a healing environment. Designed from a cat's point of view, our hospital aims to to be respectful of our feline patients' perception of sight, sound, smell, touch, and chemical communication via pheromones to create a soothing and calm environment for your cat. 

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist. Your cat can enjoy the sounds of the birds in our lobby and the smell of a calming pheromone blanket. If it is your first time visiting us, you will be asked to fill our a new client form so that we can put you in our system. If you'd like to fill it out at home, this form is available here for your convenience. 

Next, a technician will take you to one of our exam rooms that feature soft blankets on every exam table, pheromone sprays, and interesting things to keep your cat's mind busy, like cat TV and aquariums at their eye level. We'll take the time to learn more about you and your cat, including what brought you in to see us. You may be asked questions about how your cat is behaving at home, any previous medical history, current medications, litter box habits, and diet. If you have any records from a previous vet, shelter, or breeder, we encourage you to bring those with you. 

After taking a full history, one of our veterinarians will do a full physical examination of your cat, including taking their vitals, listening to the heart and lungs, feeling the abdomen, inspecting eyes and ears, assessing their dental health, checking their weight and muscle condition, and more. The veterinarian will discuss their observations along the way and address any concerns that they may have. 

A cat's natural instincts make it so they can be very good at hiding their illnesses. A lot of information can be obtained from the physical exam, but sometimes special testing like blood work or imaging may be required to help us uncover what could be making your cat not feel well. If your cat needs any treatments, we strive to do as much as possible in the exam room to help reduce anxiety.

Even if your cat is doing well at home, it's a good idea to get a wellness exam once or twice a year and to run annual blood work. With regular preventative medicine, we are more likely to catch a problem early, or to establish normal baseline values for your cat in case anything changes in the future. By being proactive with your cat's health, you will be able to avoid more serious problems in the future.

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